Frozen Founders

Frozen Founders

Written by Jeremiah Ridgeway


Spirited Determination

When isolation changes desperation into perseverance, the outcome of such can take the image of a diamond. Solid but yet withholds such a promise that it could change a whole life. Growing up in Alaska is different than what many outside of Alaska can imagine.  As an artist of any kind in the great 49th state, it can sometimes feel or seem impossible for one to carry his or her craft to different places. Even though there has been some that have began paving a way for Alaska’s distinct individuals, the state still seems to lack the same credibility as most of the lower 48’s. One of the hardest tasks of being an artist is closing the gap of an amateur becoming a known phenomenon. Where can Alaskans go to not only boost their moral but also have their creativity encouraged in a way so that others can see it in the realm of a positive environment? Frozen Founders is a place where you can find the fruit of hours of dedication driven by inspiration and ambition. It is a place where artists can have a platform to share their gifts and dreams with anyone that will listen or take a look. Their vision is to pave a way for others to be seen.


Dwayne Carter, Dylan Afusia, Rafiki Frey

Growing up as individuals with a passion in Alaska, Dwayne Carter, Dylan Afusia and Rafiki Frey had a first person point of view to the struggles one must go through to get to where you want to be. They started in a two bedroom apartment where they were paying rent to start a company before they were paying rent for themselves. Dedicated to achieving the vision of having a company where everybody eats, they spent long nights and many hours along their path that is yet to reach its fullest potential. They officially became a business three years ago, however, they have been in the practice for much longer than that. They carry a sense of community about them because they know the struggle.  “Before you get to the point of being able to sell anything, it takes time, effort and energy. Behind spending money on equipment and the long nights you spend editing or creating, you realize that people aren’t with you along your path every step of the way.” Says Frozen Founder co-founder Dwayne Carter.  It’s expensive to get the professional help that you need to go further with your dream. Frozen Founders wants to bridge that gap so that people can get the knowledge and experience they need to go further without having to empty all of the change from their pockets. It is a place of promise without the distraction of chaos. With a location on 529 w 3rd avenue in downtown Anchorage next to Brown Bag, they are in the perfect place for anyone in the area to come and view the beauty of Alaskan talent. The energy that engulfs their space is nothing short of good vibes. If you’re an artist of musical talent there is a studio room ran by Rafiki Frey that can help you along your way. Wave creating clothing lines, exquisitely painted art and even breath taking shirt designs are in view as you walk into the multi-colored covered room that could be seen as an entryway of greatness. Different forms of art are not only emotions brought into relatable configuration, but also it shows the creativity of an aesthetic and intelligent mind.



Audio engineer Rafiki Frey

Frozen Founders also hosts events, so on September 15th join them at the “Breaking Bread” event and  September 30th the “World Wide Pop Up” will be hosted by Rage Gvwd at the Frozen Founder’s location. Then be in anticipation for “The Summit” which will happen on October 21st at the ACW where you will see visual artists as well as performances. With much excitement coming up, the journey of a rising company has yet to hit its peak. Keep your eyes open and your ears listening for what they continue to do. Until next time, stay tuned and stay blessed.

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