Harlem Made

Harlem Made

By Jeremiah Ridgeway

Harlem Made

Lifestyle, destination, perspective… growing up in the tempestuous streets of Harlem could change all three of those. However, where you come from doesn’t make you, it’s the mindset that you gain out of it that defines you. Jason Bush aka “King Rocky”, had to learn at a young age that there are sheep and there are wolves. After seeing his close friend killed in front of him, he was able to recognize that it didn’t matter who you are when you’re living in the wild. “I’ll never be a sheep” he said, and since that moment he has seen the world with different eyes. Roc quickly climbed to a height on the social ladder, but when he looked down he saw a path that he wanted to change.

In 2002, he began his journey in the world of hip hop. He and some close friends would battle each other with verses on top of verses. These types of events would polish Jason’s skills as a rap artist and also give him a passion that directed him to a destiny. The influence of artist such as; Camron, Big L, Mase and P Diddy gave Jason the ability to identify his own idiosyncratic voice. In the year of 2005, Rocky decided to flip the script and move to Alaska. After gaining wisdom and modifying his understanding, Rock arrived at the conclusion that he would join the military. He joined the 4thBrigade 25th Regiment Infantry Division Airborne Unit. In the midst of this new direction, the art of jumping out of planes became a skill that was grasped. He served our country for six years, two of those where with “Operation Iraqi freedom”.

After the time of military experience in the frozen north, Jason began to make a name for himself in the world of 907. Artist’s Benn Swann and Tayy Tarantino became acquainted with Rocky after his dive into the continually uprising waters of Alaskan music. He also came into connection with RawBeatzz and Crimeski Productionz. Things were starting to feel as if they were looking up after years of hard times, unfortunately hardships where still yet to come. In 2008, Jason was the reciprocate of a gun fire exchange. The pain from that day opened his eyes to what was real, and that what matters most was his family. Sadly, the hurting didn’t stop there. Physical pain may be weakness leaving the body, but emotional pain leaves a stain and a dagger in one’s heart. A few years later the son of a rising talent was taken from our existence. After only being in the world for a few days, Jason and the mother of his child felt their son take his last breath. This moment in time gave Rock a new perspective yet again.  With devastation in his heart, the weight on his shoulder began to feel heavier by the day. However, a man stands up when his chips are down. Rock used his pain and has aimed it in a direction of success. Rocky began the path of starting an independent label, and in 2016 “Harlem Hood Music” became official. He signed two artists; Pachino and Diigital Lillz who each have projects that are on the way.  Rocky also came out with two Visuals that are now on YouTube: “Stay Focused” and “H-Gang”. With one album finished “Nice Guys Finish Last”, Rocky also has a mixtape on the way “Roc’s True HollyHood Story”. As life continues, listeners will hear what’s to come from “Harlem Hood Music” for now, be on the lookout for Pachino’s mixtape “From Nothing to Something” and the album, “Pachino The Great”. Until next time, stay tuned, and stay blessed.

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