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Written by Jeremiah Ridgeway

Soulful Persistence

Let’s take it back to the days where there’s rappin’ on the bus, when the verse is so hot but it’s cold to the touch. It’s where you might be tryna’ battle so you’re fightin with your lyrics, but say somethin’ real and the whole bus will hear it.” These are moments that could describe what helped shape the beginning of one whose musical taste is eclectic. Although it was the style of Mo-Town rhythm that initially spoke to his soul, in junior high Bryan (aka Muhnee) was introduced to a new flow. In the song “Heartbreaker” by Mariah Carey, one could find it easy to get lost in the melody of a beautiful voice. When you add an artist such as Jay Z, you then become splashed by a wave of new rhythmic patterns. Such patterns added a sense of style and swag that isn’t felt in other genres. This wave created an interest in the mind of Bryan and from then on, his mindset was slightly altered. Born and raised in Alaska, Bryan started at Susitna elementary. He then moved on in the next stages of life where he attended Wendler Middle school and then later Bartlett High school where he graduated in 2004. It was at the high school phase where he found a passion to write which then led to the idea of recording his own music. He and a few friends would take advantage of the time before practice by recording verses at his home studio.

Music is a healthy productive way to express who you are and at the same time learn an art form. Art is so diverse that it has a wide variety of what describes it. With that said, lyrical articulation is not the only weapon in the arsenal of such an intellectual mind. “I don’t like not being able to do stuff, so if there is something I want to do that I can’t do then I try to figure out a way to do it”, said Bryan when he was asked about his passion for filming. Four years ago, Bryan shot his first music video. “I had a friend that wanted to shoot a video so I bought a camera and we made it happen”, he replied. It is this type of mindset that continues to keep him in a forward progression with what he has already made a reality. Why stop at what you don’t know? If knowledge is power then why not learn more to empower yourself? “Shoe String Studios” has been in the motion long before it became an official business which happened in 2015. Bryan not only dives into the arena of song production but he also does photography and even movie making. “I feel like with the right team, we could get a movie done that can contend with a Hollywood film” Bryan stated after being asked about film production. Some might call that a bold statement when others know it to be true. The vision is to have an Alaska music Hub. With his personality being one that is adaptable, regardless of whom you are or what your style, there are moves that can be made for you. Honest with opinions, creative with direction and well educated in giving constructive criticism, Shoe String Studios could be the place where you make your next hit. With Alaska’s talent growing by the second, it is inevitable that more attention will soon be on this wonderful state that many of us call home. Be sure to check out the latest album released from “Shoe String Studios” which is “29 Summers” by A.D. Brax and be on the lookout for the single “Anti-Lazy” by Muhnee. Make sure you keep your eyes open for more, but until next time, stay tuned and stay blessed. 

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