Rising Hiphop Artist Naraa2xz “Faith”

Rising Hiphop Artist Naraa2xz “Faith”


Written by Jeremiah Ridgeway 

Locked in like a master, purpose driven like a pastor, so complex that it is assembled piece by piece like the pack of a backpacker. So uncomplicated but yet so complicated that we forget the purpose that our minds have evaluated. Faith. 


     Believing in what you seek to achieve isn’t always easy. Trials and tribulations come along the way and they test your mental strength as well as your faith in yourself. As many know, taking a leap of faith isn’t something that just anyone has been able to do. Every person is different so one has to find that die hard spirit in themselves and stick to it. Regardless of any injuring combinations that may follow, it is important to see it through because pain makes you stronger. Trials make you smarter and awkward situations make you wiser. It takes a certain type of strength and determination to pursue a vision that leads you to the other side of the country. Completely different from you know, you are now in the midst of what some may say is a new life.


Naraa2xz traveled from Mississippi to Alaska in a matter of years. After meeting Naraa2xz, I’ve come to the conclusion that due to her current military experience and her path of life, she has arrived into a stronger mindset of not only who she is but why she does what she does. That alone is nothing short of beautiful. I asked Naraa2xz about a moment in time when she realized that music was what she knew she wanted, she replied, “When I had my first studio session. Being in a booth with the lights off where it’s just you and the mic and you can only hear yourself. You can just picture everything… that was the moment”. The music industry as a whole can be a tough place to spread your wings. However with a background of loving music she can’t help but do what’s in her soul. “I loved listening to the choir. that was the only reason I liked going to church.” As a pastors kid I definitely can relate in that because that was the only reason I wanted to go as well, the music was the best part. Naraa2xz first dove into the ocean of music when she was just 8 years old alongside her brothers. However, at that young age she not only inspired herself but she sparked a desire for her brothers to challenge their vocal cords. Naraa2xz has also been able to use her natural gifting in the military, from singing cadence to helping others write music and poetry she has not only progressed herself but has reach her hand out and aided in the progression of others. Inspired by Joker Too Cold, Gucci, local rappers that are doing their thing in the industry and some gospel artists, Naraa2xz has been able to acquire her own style but at the same time appreciate the work of others.

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While meeting with Naraa2xz, what intrigued me the most about her was that her stronger passion is not to see advancement and success in her own life but to be one that is able to provide that dream for others. With the vision of having her own label, Naraa2xz uses her gift of music to put her foot in a door that is going to lead to further opportunities for not only her but the people around her. Each one teach one, help guide another. With projects on the way be on the lookout for what she does next. This woman is not only gifted as an artist but also a person. Life paints a beautiful picture when you continue to strive and push for your dreams and what you want. Naraa2xz has not only experienced life but has aided in the experience of others. So, as time continues to tick, the Alaska music scene will be splashed by waves of Naraa2xz music. Keep your ears listening and your eyes open, but until next time stay tuned and stay blessed.

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